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THE INITIATION CHALLENGE → Stage Two: Divergent Trilogy in 6 Words - by ssherlck

↳ The choices we make define us.

We might be hollow, but we’re brave.

Lady & the Vamp for Net-a-Porter(x)


"Well it’s an opinion so it can’t be wrong.”

Okay we are not 5 anymore, opinions can be wrong, your parents lied to you, your teachers lied to you. Not every comment you have will be valid, not everything you say needs to be heard. 

And opinions can be and have been wrong. 

But if you wanna hold that idea then it’s my OPINION that you’re a loser my opinion is right and valid, ur a loser now. Suck it loser. 

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
Vincent van Gogh (via larmoyante)

so i texted him

everything else depends on how he responds now

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